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Port-Cartier, QC

Gemstelecom Offers VOIP services in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia
Gemstelecom cable and dsl users can use smtpcable.gemstelecom.com
The fee to transfer any existing number is $29.99 plus applicable taxes, Quebec residents are charged GST, PST, Ontario and BC residents are charged HST,  Alberta residents are charged GST only.
In Ontario and Quebec usually it takes 5 business days to complete the transfer, other provinces may take longer, we can however transfer within 48 hours if you are willing to pay additional fees, these fees are based on you current carrier, please contact us for more details.
No! We will not be able to transfer a number which has a cancellation date set. If you have an existing contract with a provider, just make sure you tell them that you will not be renewing the contract once it expires. If you cancel the phone number we will not be able to transfer.
Yes we offer number in all provinces, you can select any number from our existing inventory.
Yes you can transfer your 800 number to Gemstelecom VOIP services.
Yes. We offer flexible plans and great rates for toll free numbers.
Yes. You can transfer your cell number to GemsTelecom VOIP services, however, the service would become a landline service. i.e., you will not be able to use your mobile phone.
Yes. You can use any SIP/softphone.
Yes. GemsTelecom will provide you with your own login, where you will be able to control your account details including phone, Internet and billing services.
You can use any stable Internet connection, however we recommend a dedicated or Cable Internet connection. If you have stable DSL service then VOIP should work fine, however DSL is not recommended for stable VOIP service.
We use G711 (no compression) between our client and our server, we do offer G729 on request (if you do not have a stronger Internet connection.
You are guaranteed to get quality service and guaranteed 100% North American coverage. Our International calls are routed to PSTN and VOIP with mixed but very good quality.
Yes. If you are going away and won't be using your telephone number then let us know a week in advance and we will hold your number. You will have to pay a minimum fee of $2.99/month while you are away. Before you leave give us your arrival date and we will re-activate your phone and re-start your billing.
In Quebec Gemstelecom provides cable internet service to everywhere where Videotron or Cogeco Network exist, Gemstelecom is the First ISP in Quebec to offer Cable internet 100% in the Province of Quebec.  In Ontario Gemetelcom offers Cable Internet to all Cogeco Coverage Areas.
It generally takes 5 to 10 business days before your Cable Internet services is active.
You must use a modem provided by us, we offer Scientific Atlanta and Motorola, which are available to rent on monthly basis or one time buy, these are tested modems and guaranteed to work with our cable service.
Gemstelecom provides DSL services in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and BC where Bell or Telus Network exists.
We use Bell Network to pass the services to you. If Bell blocks certain protocols or ports then yes it may effect your DSL service, however this is not in our control. GemsTelecom does not block anything on its own network.
Due to the services reliance on Cable and DSL Internet service, there is a possibility of network congestion and/or reduced speed in your area using Gemstelecom during peak hours between (8PM and 10PM).This does not mean you have bad Internet connection or unreliable Internet speed. To get proper speed results, always run your speed tests outside the network peak hours.
It generally takes 4 to 5 business days before your DSL is active.
Yes you can use any kind of standard DSL modem, or you can lease or buy directly from us. If you use your own modem the quality and speed may not be 100% accurate. We test all our modems and offer best possible configuration to our clients.
Yes. You can have dry DSL at an extra cost. The price of dry DSL varies between $9 to $15/month depending on where you live.
Cable modems and VOIP devices are sent to you directly via Canada post, you may have to pay the shipping cost.
Yes. We provide dedicated and leased lines from 1MB to 10GB across Quebec and Ontario. Please call us for more details.
We accept the following modes of payment: cheque, money order, bank wire, Western Union, pre-authorized payment, interac/debit cards, credit cards, and cash.
While you can use any thing on your Internet connection, we do not support Torrent, Webservers and SMTP relays issues.
Yes, for an additional cost you can have dedicated IP for Cable or DSL
Yes, for a small onetime fee you can temporarly suspend your Internet services.
Please contact us for more details.
Moving fees are $85.99 for residential and $99.99 for business packages with 3 weeks prior notice.