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About Us

Gemstelecom is a division of Cronomagic Canada established in 1993.  We are committed to customer satisfaction by providing world-class services.

We offer remarkable internet and phone services combined with the best technical support in the industry.  Our services include high speed internet and VoIP for residential and business customers.

With the addition of Cogeco Cable Canada to Gemstelecom Network, our infrastructure is now covering 100% of the eligible areas in Quebec and Ontario.
We offer DSL and Internet Cable services in Quebec and Ontario in areas covered by Bell Canada, Videotron and Cogeco cable.

Unlike most providers, we supply thousands of clients through our own tier4 data center with multiple 10GB Fibers distributed from different directions.

Gemstelecom offers the following services in all of Quebec and Ontario

-DSL and FTTN (6 Mbps to 50 Mbps)

-High Speed Cable Internet (5 Mbps to 200 Mbps)

-Business Fiber connection speeds

  • 1 Mbps/1 Mbps to 10 Mbps/10 Mbps
  • 20 Mbps/20 Mbps to 100 Mbps/100 Mbps
  • 150 Mbps / 150 Mbps
  • 1000 Mbps / 1000 Mbps
  • 2,000 Mbps / 2,000 Mbps to 10,000 Mbps / 10,000 Mbps

-Land line Residential

-Land line Business

-Land based PRI circuits

-Complete VOIP services including

  • VOIP Trunks
  • Virtual PBX
  • Virtual Toll free numbers
  • Bridge conference services

-IPTV Services

Customer satisfaction is the foremost priority for our highly skilled team.  Our flexible and highly customizable internet plans are offered at unbeatable prices.  Our VOIP phone services all include functions like caller ID, call waiting, voice mail, call forwarding and 3 way-conference at no extra charges.  Easily and conveniently choose from our local, Canada or Canada and US unlimited phone plans, keep your phone number and keep your equipment.
We have a solution that fits your needs.
We offer businesses and home based businesses flexible and highly customizable phone systems, on site phone system or hosted phone system from virtual extensions to over 500 extensions, multi-locations and off-site employees.  Maintain a local presence using our local virtual number services allowing your business to develop a sense of closeness to your customers. 

Come experience The Gem of Innovation!